'He hath filled the hungry with good things'

On these pages I’d like to present you with good things: Food and everything that goes with it. In an amateur way my father continues the family trade that goes back several centuries. His grandfather was the last in the family to be a professional vintner and Papa still tends to his vines in the evenings after work in the little town of Breisach in southern Baden where I grew up. Wine and good food go together, particularly in Baden. On the border to France and occupied by the Austrians for hundreds of years, this little state of Germany marries some of the best culinary traditions of central Europe. The Mediterranean climate encourages Italian influences too. My brother and I were treated to the best of German and English cooking. Mother’s family comes East Anglian yeoman that lived off the fruits of their fields and the game of the hedgerows. Granddad used to shoot pheasant from the open dining room window! Returning to England I now live in Cambridge where I hope my cooking combines the best of two worlds.

Dienstag, 6. August 2013

Salmon Mousse.

A tin of salmon or equivalent in fresh smoked
4 leaves of gelatine (at least) 
Half a pint of white wine 
One fish stock cube 
Some Tablespoon of Greek yoghurt 
Two spoons of mayonnaise 
A spoon of horseradish sauce 
A little grated onion 
Crushed pepper

Dissolve gelatine in simmering white wine, add the stock cube. Pour into a jug; add flaked or mashed salmon and all other ingredients to make about 1.5 pints of mixture. Stir with a fork until homogenous. Place in fridge until partially set; remove from fridge and pour into a lightly oiled mould. 
For a show effect; poor in half the mixture, allow to set a little, layer some smoked salmon or cooked asparagus onto that and add the rest of the mixture on top until fully set. 

This was a terribly popular dish in the 1970s that has fallen from favour. The great amounts of double cream from the original are replaced with yoghurt in this version. For the authentic look one might add faux caviar to the finished mousse.

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