'He hath filled the hungry with good things'

On these pages I’d like to present you with good things: Food and everything that goes with it. In an amateur way my father continues the family trade that goes back several centuries. His grandfather was the last in the family to be a professional vintner and Papa still tends to his vines in the evenings after work in the little town of Breisach in southern Baden where I grew up. Wine and good food go together, particularly in Baden. On the border to France and occupied by the Austrians for hundreds of years, this little state of Germany marries some of the best culinary traditions of central Europe. The Mediterranean climate encourages Italian influences too. My brother and I were treated to the best of German and English cooking. Mother’s family comes East Anglian yeoman that lived off the fruits of their fields and the game of the hedgerows. Granddad used to shoot pheasant from the open dining room window! Returning to England I now live in Cambridge where I hope my cooking combines the best of two worlds.

Mittwoch, 12. Februar 2014

Garden Cottage Cottage Pie.

This twice cottaged cottage pie 
Is the best bit of cottage you’ll ever try.
One large Onion 
Beef Mince (lean) 
One Carrot
One tin of chopped Tomatoes
Three large potatoes
Beef stock
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper 

Chop and fry onion, add half the chopped carrot and mince to the pan. Peal, chop and boil potatoes add the rest of the carrot. Add plenty of beef stock and tomatoes to frying pan. Strain Potatoes and add yoghurt, olive oil and salt. Mash all, add more yoghurt and more oil until the mash is smooth. Layer the mince and the parsley with a little pepper into an ovenproof dish.  Top with mash and spread some mustard on the top. With a fork score waves into the mash and form little peaks. Place under a grill for at least 15 minutes.

Usually milk and butter are added to the mash, however yoghurt and olive oil create a similar effect, while being considerably healthier. This can easily be turned into shepherd’s pie if mince beef is substituted for lamb.